Latest Dance Studio Software in the Market

What to look for in the Latest Dance Studio Management Software

This is an article to help one to choose the right one from the latest Dance Studio Software available in the market.

Before we subscribe to a Dance Studio software, it is imperative to look for the latest available in the market.  Many products might be in the market for quite some time.  Those products might be quite outdated  – quality wise and content wise.

Latest Dance Studio Software

We should not fall for the product even if the brand is quite popular.  The problem is they have very old customers and so they cannot afford to change their overall product structure even if they want to.  For e.g. let us take – even though their landing pages changes once in a while, they are maintaining their internal pages without any change.  The old design still there, not because it is very good, actually it is very confusion for first time users – but because they have a large client pool already accustomed using it and they are unable to change it.

What is possible with a Studio Management Software?

Easy Class Setup

The Latest dance studio software should be easy enough so that you are able to define Programs, classes easily.    The class setup should allow multiple employees, multiple days etc.  It should allow batch editing of classes.  Also normally when the season changes and the schedule might repeat mostly with the same instructor, it would be nice if we can export the existing schedule in an excel spreadsheet. Then we make the necessary changes and the system sucks it in using an import function.

Flexible Tuition Structure

Dance Studio Software should allow different tuition structure pattern which are widely used in the industry.  It might be based on hours per week or number of classes or a total cost for a series of classes. Further there will be multiple payment plans – monthly, quarterly, half-yearly etc.  Another thing to consider is the ability of the software to handle different types of discounts – coupons, family discount, returning discount, pro-rating discounts etc.

Class Registration

This is the most important functionality as far as outside world is considered.  Students should be able to register online easily.  It should capture the cards for handing the batch charging of installments later.  The page should easily layout different class further categorized by groups or programs.  It should allow multiple siblings to register for multiple classes in a single go.  Many products allow only registering one student at a time.

Parent Portal

There should be a parent / student portal where the existing students can log in and view their classes, pay dues etc.  There should be mobile version o the same so that it is easily usable in mobile as well.

Easy Account Management

Each Student account should be easily visible and it should convey all the details regarding the account including financial transaction.  For Studio admin / owner it should allow easy adjustment of amounts.  There should be provision to add a charge Student to student account which can be paid later.  Also late fees, convenience fees provision should be there.

Reports & Dashboards

Any software product should have the optimal reporting system.  There should be reports related to class, employees, student, income etc.  Also there should be dashboards which reflects the real time figures related to sales, class / employee effectiveness etc.

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