If you don't know the answer to your numbers, you cannot manage or improve them.

Do you think your current software is not doing the job? Are you confused on what are the Dance Studio Software features  to expect? Do you find yourself doing the same task over and over without an appropriate dance school software? Are you creating your very own version of “Ground Hog Day?”



How easy is it to analyze your Business with numbers and graphs ? Every TIME and DOLLAR you spend should deliver returns so you grow and manage, pay your employees, expenses and still make a profit.


With several hundred ways for studios to save time, Studio Pulse specializes in managing your business and providing you the freedom to grow your business. When a customer comes to a studio powered by Studio Pulse they are welcomed with the ease of up to date accurate information. Studio Pulse pushes your schedule to your website in a beautiful and easy to read format. Your customers can then pick classes and register with ease.  You will find lot more functionalities than the normal Dance Studio Software features which are seen in the market.

Key Features:

  • Scheduling: 1-Page setup in less than a minute creates Schedules and Class Calendars
  • Schedule Changes: Easy to do Schedule Changes. Do it for 1 Day or for the complete date range
  • Online Registrations: 3-Page step takes less than 2 minutes. Register Multiple Students, Multiple Programs and Multiple Classes
  • Move / Drop: Move Students between Classes or Drop from a Class – has never been so easy
  • Customer Profile: 1-Page detailed view of Customer – covers everything from Profile, Class Info, Attendance, Tuition, Payments
  • Intelligent Billing: Automated Billing applied with appropriate discounts. Automated Late Fees and Card Decline Charges applied to accounts
  • Outstanding Dues: 1-Page access to all the accounts with Outstanding. Send reminders in 1-Click to all the due accounts
  • Monthly Charging: Installment Due date. 1-Click charges all your accounts on monthly dues
  • Attendance: 1-Click Attendance automates your Payroll
  • Roster Sheets: Not comfortable with Online Attendance. Print Attendance Sheets and follow the age-old method
  • Communication: Send messages, circulars, notifications to your Staff and Students
  • Real Functional Business Reporting: 60+ Reports to analyze your Business
  • Multiple Views of Reports: Monthly, Weekly, By specific Date Range, Summarized and Detailed view
  • 7-Step Setup: Simple, Easy to Understand and use the 7-Step Setup
  • Dashboards: Cool Dashboards with Graphs helps visualize your Business.

1-Page Easy Setup of Classes

Studio Pulse manages your schedule with ease and ties all your assigned instructors to the Classes. Scheduling streamlines the process of Class Schedules faster and easier. Arrange your parameters in 1-Page – Class Name, Program Name, Capacity, Studio, Day / Time, Class Rates, Brief Description, Instructors, Instructor Pay Rates and pull out a simple and elegant Class Schedule Calendar.


The schedule is flexible just like you. Studio Pulse allows you to make one-time changes and or ongoing changes to the schedule with a few clicks of the mouse. It is that easy.


The schedule can be Integrated and displayed REAL-TIME in your website. Any Schedule Changes in Studio Pulse is automatically reflected in your website.

Key Features:

  • Setup:1-Page Setup
  • Class Edits: Make Class Changes in REAL-TIME
  • Schedule Edit: Add OR Edit Classes with one-time changes OR changes for Entire Semester and / or year
  • Delete: Delete Classes if you do not want them
  • Faculty: Assign Instructors with the Pay-Rates
  • Payroll: Create Automated Payroll based upon your schedule
  • Payroll Changes in REAL-TIME as your schedule is changed or a new one created
  • Customer Home Page: View Class Listing and Class Schedule Calendar
  • Employee Home Page: View your own Schedule
  • Generate Schedule from Old / Existing Program using Excel. It is that easy


Studio-Pulse Schedule - Dance Studio Software features

Studio-Pulse Schedule Tab

Save Time & Create Happy Customers

Our simply elegant CUSTOMER PAGE allows your multiple clients to register online to Multiple Programs and Multiple Classes, see their Schedules, Attendance Records, Pay Dues, edit profile, Issue Refund from the administrator page. You can charge your Multiple clients on the Monthly Installment due date in 1-Click, Post charges to customer account in 1-Click with Description and Due Date.


Do you know your daily attendance averages or which instructors have the highest attendance rates or  which days and times work best for your business? Studio Pulse will provide you that and so much more.

Key Features:

  • Online Registration: Register Multiple Students to Multiple Programs and Multiple Classes at the SAME TIME
  • Account Overview: Multi Featured Customers Profile Page. Family Profile Overview for Multiple Students of same Family
  • Registration Summary: Automated Registration summary with Class, Tuition Cost, Payment Details and Studio Policy sent to Customer
  • Class Tuition: It is so easy for the customers. Select Payment Plans of your convenience
  • Payment Details: Customers know what they have paid, what is owed and when it is owed
  • Cash Flow: See cash flow from customers in REAL-TIME. Analyze how much is paid, what is owed and which accounts are not in good standing
  • Monthly Charging: Studio Pulse allows you to automate your Monthly Charges in 1-click on the Installment Due date. saves hours in billing and collections each month
  • Payment Confirmations: Send automated emails when a Payment is declined and Payment Receipts are generated
  • Outstanding Due: Send emails when a customer’s account is past due
  • Reports: See your customer Growth Rate, Retention Rates, Dropout Rates, Attendance and so much more
  • Customer Details: View and Print ALL your Customer Details with Class information
  • Membership / Drop-Ins: Membership and Drop in options are available. Student can just drop in, select classes, make payment and attend classes
  • Private Lessons: Your clients can sign up for Private Lessons or Group Classes
  • Class Cards: Keep track of your Class Cards. Create as many Class Cards or unlimited passes as you need
  • Studio Rental: Your Clients OR Customers outside your Studio (usually parents) can rent out the Studio using Studio Rental
  • Move or Cancel a Studio Booking

Studio Pulse is evolving in a faster pace with new & easy Dance Studio Software features you could think of.


Studio-Pulse Customer Tab - Dance Studio Software features

Studio-Pulse Customer Tab


An easy life for your Internal Customers

Setup Multiple EMPLOYEES with Individual Home Page. Create and Edit Profile of Instructors. Quickly Add or remove the Instructor from a Class. View and take attendance, update time logs. Automated Payroll makes life easier for the Employees.


View your own Class Schedules in Employee Home Page and take Attendance of your own classes.


Secured and Limited Access to the Employees in their Home Page.

Key Features:

  • Schedules: Use filters to View and Print Instructor only Schedules
  • Mail Schedule: Mail schedule to Employee email address
  • Employee Home Page:
    • View Schedules and plan your day
    • Class Calendar
    • Take Attendance
    • Additional Task handled – Create a Time Log for approval
  • Communication: Communication with your employees will never be easier and more consistent
  • Schedule Changes: Schedule changes made in REAL-TIME are sent to the affected employees
  • Setup: Easy setup with multiple pay-rates
  • Attendance: View and take attendance from Employee Home page or an iPad in just 1 click
  • Time Log: Add, View and edit Time Logs for approval by the Studio Admin or owner
  • Payroll: Automated Payroll takes the load off the Studio Admin / Owner and your Employee


Studio-Pulse Employee Tab - Dance Studio Software features

Studio-Pulse Employee Tab

Your customers and employees will never be so well-informed.

Communicating has never been so simple.


The cool Messaging Module one of the key Dance Studio Software features required, is an easy to use user friendly Interface helps communicate with your Studio Family.


Send notifications, circulars, important updates, announcements to your client or staff or a class. Attach and send Schedule Changes to your Staff and Students.

Key Features:

  • Email to Students: Send Email to 1 or Multiple Customers, a class OR Students from a group of classes or your entire school.
  • Email to Faculty: Send Email to 1 OR Multiple Instructors, a group of instructors or your entire staff.
  • Template: Create Email templates to ensure accuracy to all questions.
  • Track all customer correspondence.
  • Ensure that each customer receives the correct information in a professional manner each time.


Be on a Right Track by Tracking your Expenses

Empower yourself with the information you need to grow your business and make the right decisions along the way.


Track and manage your Expenses.


Graphical view of Spending Trend and Expenses helps plan and improve Business.

Key Features:

  • Cash Flow: View and plan as per the Cash Flow Statement
  • Create Vendors and update billing details: Create as many vendors, update their billing info and payment details
  • Accounts Payable: Manage Expenses by reviewing your Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable: View details of Accounts Receivables and Outstanding Dues
  • Good Standing Accounts: Track your Good Standing Accounts and Default Accounts
  • Past Due Accounts: View details of your Past Due Accounts, send emails in 1-Click.
  • Automated Billing, Late Fees, Pro-Rating
  • Quickbooks and Xero Accounting integration: Integrate with Quickbooks Online and XERO Accounting to post your accounting details REAL-TIME.


All your Numbers in Easy to Read and Analyze Format

What is the best way other than Reports to analyze past information, review current trend and your forecast. All your numbers converted to Reports with filter options helps analyze your Business.


The report center aggregates all the reports from all the sections of Studio Pulse and allows you to customize a dashboard for your business.


The report center is easy to use and does not overwhelm you with ugly filters and hard to use interfaces. The reports are simple, elegant, easy to read and understand.

Key Features:

  • 75+ Reports: 75+ Reports to analyze various aspects of your Business
  • Grouping of Reports: All Reports grouped as per their category like Financials, Customer, Schedules
  • Filters: Summary and Detailed Information available
  • Flexible view – by Week, Month, Year or a Custom Date Range
  • View and Print in PDF
  • Send report in PDF format
  • Download in Excel Format


An Easy Setup is the Backbone of your Business

Setting up your business has never been easier with the Studio Pulse unique 7-STEP SETUP to total studio automation.


The Seven Easy Steps to Total Studio Automation only requires a few hours of your time and then your business will be up and running, empowered by Studio Pulse.


No Training or Documentation required – Thanks to the Easy and Simple User-Friendly Interface.

Key Features:

  • Business Info: All your Business Details in 1-Page
  • Holidays: Setup Holidays to avoid Class Schedules on the Holidays
  • Policies / Terms and Conditions: Add and / or Update Studio Policies in 1-Click
  • Late Fees / Convenience Charges: Enable and set Late Fees, Credit Card Decline Charges, Convenience Charges
  • Email Notification: Enable / Disable Email Notifications to Clients and Employees
  • Studios: Studios and Studio detail with Photograph Uploading option
  • Studio Rental: Define Studio Rate for Rental
  • Employee: Setup Employee Profile
  • Discounts: Define Discounts (Various Discount Options available)
  • Limited Security Access: Set Security for your Employee. You decide what they see
  • Email Templates: Define Email Templates and make Messaging simpler to use



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