Save Time & Create Happy Customers

Our simply elegant CUSTOMER PULSE CENTER allo9ws your clients to register online, see their schedules, attendance records, and instructor notes.

Do you know your daily attendance averages? Do you want to know which instructors have the highest attendance rates? Do you know which days and times work best for your business? Studio Pulse will provide you that and so much more.

Customers each have their own profile.
Create Family profiles also.
Tuition Pro Rating for late enrollments.

Paying tuition or paying for classes could not be easier. Payment plans are also available for your customers making their lives very easy.

Customers know what they have paid, what is owed and when it is owed.

See your cash flow from customers in real time. How much has been paid, what is owed and which accounts are not in good standing. Studio Pulse allows you to automate your billing to auto-charge your customers each month and save hundreds of hours in billing and collections each month. Automated emails are sent when a customer’s account is past due, when receipts are generated, and whenever you determine necessary.

See your customer growth rate, retention rates, drop out rates, attendance rates per class, per day per instructor and so much more without horrible filters but easy to read displays.

Studio pulse allows you to know your business inside and out. Keep your fingers on the pulse of your business.