Do you find yourself doing the same task over and over? Are you creating your very own version of “Ground Hog Day?”

With several hundred ways for studios to save time, Studio Pulse specializes in managing your business and providing you the freedom to grow your business. Save time with our automated procedures for:

  • attendance
  • payroll
  • scheduling
  • billing
  • client emails & text messages
  • automatic notices to customers
  • report cards
  • schedule changes
  • real functional business reporting

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Make class changes in real time, one time changes, additions, deletions and or repeating changes for the semester and or year

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Customer Pulse

Save Time & Create Happy Customers

Do you know your daily attendance averages? Do you know which instructors have the highest attendance rates, do you know which says and times work best for your business? Studio Pulse provides you that and so much more.

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Customer Relations

Employee Pulse

Your employees have never had it easier. Communication with your employees will never be easier and more consistent.

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Communication Pulse

Your customers & employees will never be so well informed and happy.

Email one customer, a class, a group of classes or your entire school. Communicating has never been so simple.

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Accounting Pulse

Want the power to know and understand your business at a glance?

Our Accounting Center lets you keep your fingers on the pulse of your business finances. It takes the work out of accounting.

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The report center aggregates all of the reports from all of the sections of Studio Pulse and allows you to customize a dashboard for your business.

The report center is easy to use and does not overwhelm you with ugly filters and hard to use interfaces.

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Business Setup Central

This is simple, We migrate your data, setup your business and hand deliver your business on a silver platter. Simple easy and completed within 24 hours.

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