Case Studies

Studio Profile

Years in Operation: 61 Years

Number of Studios: 10

Number of Classes: 200 per week

Number of Employees: 124

Total Enrollment: 960

  • Children’s and Young Dancers’ Program: 1000
  • Ballet Program: 180
  • Jazz/Contemporary Program: 80

Members of the Joffrey Concert Group: 30

Summer Intensive Enrollment: 4,000

Adult Enrollment: 700+ (open classes)

Joffrey Ballet School

Easy Setup

The Joffrey Ballet School approached Studio Pulse to migrate from their current system and Sign Up for Studio Pulse. The Joffrey Ballet School was up and running within three business days. We run over 200 classes per week with live music in each class and they were able to set-up the entire operation seamlessly and without any problems. Getting Started for the Joffrey Ballet School was easy. They submitted forms with their schedule, faculty and pay rates, completed the rules questionnaire and Studio Pulse does the rest.

Rosters & Attendance

The Joffrey Ballet School had three dedicated staff members to creating and updating rosters. Those staff members are now 100% freed to teach and grow the business. Studio Pulse has revolutionized how we do business. It is a breath of fresh air and allowed us to move away from books of rosters and even larger books of daily attendance sheets. Studio Pulse showed us which classes, instructors and times were optimal for the school and the changes we needed to make for our success. It empowered the Joffrey Ballet School to understand our attendance data and grow the school with that knowledge.

The attendance feature using iPads is amazing. We now have the ability to take attendance in class with an iPad in 30 seconds. It notifies the dancers parents in real-time via text and email when they are absent.


It goes far beyond just an attendance feature, it also serves to track the faculty members attendance and tying that to payroll. The Joffrey Ballet School would in the past spend 40 plus hours man hours per week organizing payroll and double-checking its accuracy. Now the entire process is automated, accurate and on-time. Making sub changes is also integrated into the attendance feature. There was once a human error on the payroll and the edit feature allowed us to correct the issue with two mouse clicks. This system is just amazing and ridiculously affordable.

We have saved over ten full time staff members in labor. They are now assigned to growing the business instead of having to deal with outdated procedures. Most of our faculty can barely use email yet Studio Pulse was easy and fun to use for everyone at the Joffrey Ballet School.

Billing & Registration

The billing feature has been a blessing. Studio Pulse has saved our lives. Studio Pulse allows customers to register on your website and select a payment plan if the parent does not pay for the year in full. Studio Pulse is SMART! You set a billing date and it bills all of the credit cards in the correct amount each month for each customer. That is just the start of the billing features. It emails the customers their receipt after charging their card. Then, when a card declines it provides you a list of all declines, emails your declined customers and informs them that their account is no longer in good standing. Studio Pulse bills each decline once per day until the account is paid.

Studio Pulse can even ban the dancer from class depending upon the billing rules you put in place. If the customer has not paid by your defined date the dancer will be notified by email that they are not allowed to attend until their balance is paid in full. The smart attendance system will also inform the instructor to not allow the dancer in class due to non-payment.

Case Study Summary

This system is simply brilliant. We have tried other software solutions and they have all failed. They just could not live up to their promises. Studio Pulse has outperformed what we had expected by miles.

The system really shines on its dashboards and reporting. All of the important information the Joffrey Ballet School requires is located on its dashboards.  We don’t have to dig around and run filters that do not work. The data is SIMPLY there and available in all important formats.

We could not have grown and been able to do what we do without Studio Pulse. The Joffrey Ballet School could go on and on about Studio Pulse, it is a case of true love. If you are thinking about Studio Pulse for your school all we can state is that it has worked miracles for us and would recommend it for any studio-based school.